1a. Scope of contest: Only badges from the immediate prior calendar year e.g. DEFCON 2017 to DEFCON 2018 will be accepted. All others will be rejected.

1b. Participants may be a individuals, a team, or conference organizers.

1c. Participants must be physically present at DEFCON to be eligible to participate in the contest.

1d. Participants are limited to one entry per team / individual / confrence.

1e. Participants who are conference organizers only may submit the official entry badge from their conference (Cthulu knows who you are).

1f. The submission period begins two weeks prior to DEFCON and ends at 5PM PST Friday, 10 August 2018.

1g. Entrees must be physically delivered no later than the submission due date and time. A designated delivery and drop-off location will be advertised online here, via e-mail, and in the conference program brochure.

1h. Limit one badge submission per team

1i. Bonus points may be granted, depending on type of beverage material presented to the judges during submission (again, all judges’ decisions are final!)

2a. Anyone physically present at DEFCON 26 - YES! You must be physically present at DEFCON 26 to participate in this competition.

2b. If you are a Conference organizer from any conference the immediate prior calendar year, you can submit an official badge IN PERSON from your conference, as a “Conference Badge Entry”.

It is reccomended that as part of the submission each team should also provide the following:

3a. Power source for the badge (e.g., batteries, charger) or any other accessories as needed

3b. A written explanation describing your badge’s capabilities, how it functions or any unique properties. This can be done via a Google Form submitted through the website prior to DEFCON

3c. Talk about what’s been done with that badge (e.g., community responses indicating what they’ve found they could do with it)

3d. Indicate whether you intend to pick up your badge after judging or whether you grant Badge Life admin staff & judges to include your badge in a donation (e.g., to EFF)

3e. May also include a video explaining what the badge does. Keep it to under 2 minuets.(link on the google form, please!)

4a. By agreeing to participate, you accept that all judges’ decisions are final and may not be disputed or appealed. (Cthulu will accept appeals, but mispronounce a syllable, and you will get eaten.)

4b. Human sacrifices will NOT be accepted (again, all judges’ decisions are final!) (Fine!!! All right, I agree. But Cthulu will not be pleased!!!)

4c. Nudity is not acceptable at any time. (Especially for Csp3r. He must cover his face at all times!!!)

4d. After judgment, there will be a predetermined pickup time where you may pick up your badge from the table. With consent, badges will be donated to a pool that will be auctioned off for charity. (e.g., to EFF)

*The admin staff / judges for Badge Life reserve the right to alter criteria, rules, and/or categories without advanced notice.

**Also, the admin staff / judges are NOT RESPONSIBLE for personal injury (of any kind) during the making, judging, or use of any badge.

Have you read ALL of the rules?